• HyperCard and DX Map

    From Nkeck72 to All on Wednesday, June 08, 2022 14:08:02
    I've uploaded to the board here a copy of HyperCard. I forget what exact version it is, but it's from 1991, just after the release of System 7.0. It's the first HyperCard version to support System 7-specific features like program linking, enhanced networking in stacks, and Apple Events.

    Anywho, I've uploaded it because the archiving "afficianados" in the Apple community seem to think the oldest Mac OS worth using is 9.2.2. Because of this, you only ever see the latest version available (ironically, it's 68k-only, designed for System 7.5.3 and up). I figured if anyone is in the same boat as me and is looking for older versions of HyperCard for older 68k macs I might as well share the copy I have. Unfortunately, I can't image the original disks, as they're toast now - after an erase and re-format the media is fine, but obviously that meant the data couldn't be saved. However, I did make an installation before the disks became unreadable, so I just archived that up in Compact Pro and uploaded it here in a MacBinary wrapper.

    This version works just fine on my Macintosh Plus with system 6.0.8 and 7.0.1. I have had no problems with it yet.

    I also took the time to upload a handy little HyperCard stack I've been using called DX Map. Its main use is to give bearing and time zone data for radio amateurs looking to make directional contacts a bit more easily, but it can also be used for SWL purposes if needed. It is not archived in anything but I did still wrap it in macbinary to protect the resource fork.

    I will also upload these to the usual suspect sites once I get the time around here to do so. Happy stack-browsing!

    -nkeck72 (Mac Plus)