• Let's Play Tuk Goes To Town

    From Watercress to All on Saturday, August 01, 2020 08:55:00
    Part 1:

    It's time for a Commodore 64 game...and a pleasant, educational one, too. This was a fun game to start playing C64 games on; hope that I can play more of these in the future.


    I know...not the one you expected, right? Hopefully I can make some more Commodore 64 Let's Plays with some more interesting games.
  • From Nkeck72@finalzone.ddns.net to Watercress on Saturday, August 01, 2020 10:54:48
    A good one that's one of my favorites just for the soundtrack is Monty on
    the Run! It's a PAL game, though, so you'll likely want to play it in
    emulator rather than on a physical computer if you live in NTSC territory.
    It's a bit tricky but an excellent platformer with a great soundtrack.
  • From Watercress to Watercress on Sunday, August 02, 2020 07:59:18

    In this video, I go silent and play the other locations I didn't go to in my Let's Play, and I also show off the other game variations in town.