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[#] Wed Apr 17 2024 01:14:24 UTC from Kurisu

Subject: Welcome!

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Hello and welcome to the new Citadel powered Final Zone BBS!

Pardon the sparseness of the BBS as we not only work to flesh out message areas but also once again grow our user base and form a nice little escape from the rest of the chaos that is the internet at large.

Remember, suggestions are welcomed, as are people from all walks of life who otherwise feel outcast in the rest of the BBS scene.

Once again, welcome to Final Zone BBS.

Now start chatting and stuff. Post all the things!

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[#] Wed Jul 17 2024 21:18:28 UTC from jreeves

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July 17 - very interesting, moving from gopher://sdf.org to BBS here. I haven't done BBS since 1999 when it was phased out by my local provider. Gopher is fun, but rather 'quiet': not much conversation. It is more like an organized set of monologues.

[#] Wed Jul 17 2024 21:37:56 UTC from Kurisu

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Hey, welcome to the party! Be sure to (g)oto other rooms, check the (k)nown rooms, (j)ump to a room that has a topic you may like and post away!

Gopher is very much a sort of one sided affair, by its nature. A useful way to store info for consumption but certainly not, by any aspect of its design, a way for real conversation. I kind of prefer things that way.... sometimes, anyway.

Retrocomputing is a bit weird at times... really depends on my mood what I work on, or how I like to interact with the global sphere.... or something to that effect.