• VHS V.S. BetaMax

    From Kurisu to All on Friday, June 05, 2020 08:39:16
    • VHS V.S. BetaMax
    • This is it - the final battle. Choose your side, VHS or BetaMax
    • !
    • 1) VHS
    • 2) BetaMax
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  • From Nkeck72@finalzone.ddns.net to Kurisu on Monday, January 01, 1996 00:28:00
    1: VHS
    2: BetaMax

    I have a feeling that responding one or the other will lead to some heated debate :P. Nonetheless, I was a VHS kid and still use it extensively for its recording time, as it's the only "DVR" in the house. So, my vote goes to