• SCSI removable media.

    From Nkeck72@nkeck72@finalzone.ddns.net (nkeck72) to Local.Media_Formats on Wednesday, April 07, 2021 07:03:52
    I've been thinking about getting a SCSI Zip drive for my Mac since I
    already have a zip drive on my PC and think it might be handier than
    serial or direct downloading for mass file transfers.

    I've also heard of the SyQuest drive, and I think that maybe the space advantage it has over the Zip drive would come in handy for archiving
    or backups. The SCSI2SD doesn't come with its own removable media
    drivers, so it's out as a hot-swappable removable medium (though I can
    swap it out with the Mac off, like a hard disk).

    Does anyone else have some removable media suggestions?

    -nkeck72 (Mac Plus)