• Getting the band together

    From Miranda to All on Saturday, July 25, 2020 19:56:23
    So, I've been playing guitar for about 42 years, but that doesn't make me good at it. I also play some ukulele (very relaxing and easier on my wife's ears) and lately I've been playing the bass. For a span of about 4 years, I sang and played guitar in a classic rock cover band, but finally got tired of playing car shows on asphalt parking lots in the Dallas summer heat. These days, at least before Covid, I've been playing music in contemporary worship at church. Now, it's mostly just at home by myself. What about others? Do we have a band? Look forward to hearing about your gear and your music making.

  • From Kurisu to Miranda on Tuesday, August 04, 2020 10:12:28
    Re: Getting the band together
    By: Miranda to All on Sat Jul 25 2020 07:56 pm

    others? Do we have a band? Look forward to hearing about your gear and your music making.

    I mentioned it on IRC but it's worth discussing here that I play Bass and Guitar. I say it in that order as I consider myself a bassist first and a guitarist second. I regularly swap between the two in practice and personal playing and I find that as I play one it, oddly, helps me out with the other and vice versa. Those who understand the roll of Bass in a band and basic music theory will know what I mean, like you Miranda. I *know* you know what I mean.

    I have a few various guitars, none of them anything special - a squier strat, an Ibanez SA-260 in flamed maple sunburst, which is my #1 guitar, I have an old Kay strat clone from the early 90's which I added 3 hot rails pickup sets to -- it's basically my "punk" instrument, a beater that I can really just have fun with and play aggressively with, and a custom built (only 2 in the world exist of this kind, apparently) Gibson scale guitar that somewhat resembles a Carver brand instrument but is otherwise like a Les Paul and a Strat had a baby... it's a bit of a chimera and deserves it's own video documentary, but dang if I don't enjoy it for what it is - it certainly has a unique sound compared to my other instruments. Much more deep, jazzy, if you will.

    As for Bass I have 3 main ones - a Cort action bass I found in an antique store is my "main" bass. It's from 2003 or so and is a bit odd and beat up but the intonation is damn near perfect on it, the action is super low, and she's a treat to play.

    I have an Epiphone Gothic Thunderbird IV bass that I found at Goodwill in December as well. The pickups are super hot, so it actually is a really good bass to play like Lemmy of Motorhead did - overdrive it and play it like a guitar - but is also great for anything else I want to do. Hot pickupts, broad tonal range, but a high action and it's bloody heavy. Additionally it was broken when I got it (clearly was in a humid environment) and somehow I was able to reglue the fretboard to the neck, fix some heavy bowing in it, and even glue a bridge post back into the body! She plays pretty good now. Not perfect but totally usable and well within acceptability.

    Lastly is my Ibanez GSR-205 - my 5 string bass. While still a step above entry level, I had one of these back in 2002-2003, but it got stolen and since then I had pretty much given up on Bass. Now I finally have one again and I love it. I can tell where it has some issues - I wish the pickups were a little less bright sometimes, but at the same time she's great. Can't complain, really, and it gives me that low end that I naturally would want, given the styles of metal I grew up listening to.

    Of final note is my string choice - I use Ernie Ball Cobalt Flats exclusively on my basses. Yep, they are flatwound strings *but* using cobalt as the main metal causes them to be quite bright, more like rounds but with the sonic properties of flats. The result is a unique tone that I've kind of embraced as mine - additionally they are really easy on the fingers, and anyone who plays bass can appreciate that.

    Yeah, I kind of love my instruments and making music. It's somewhat separate from the rest of my hobbies, but that's probably a good thing. Heck, now I wanna practice some. :D
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  • From Fugueye to Kurisu on Wednesday, September 02, 2020 05:41:02
    Re: Getting the band together
    By: Kurisu to Miranda on Tue Aug 04 2020 10:12 am

    I almost bought that Epiphone Gothic Thunderbird Bass many times! The short-lived Best Buy Musical Instrument Store expereiment had that model for under $200 back in the day.

    I mainly play guitar myself. I had 13 guitars at one point, mix of classical, acoustic, and electric. I liked to get weird/odd ones, so I had a Paul Stanley Cracked Mirror, a resonator guitar that was in Muse's Plug In Baby music video, an Esquire GT Tele, etc. I also had a Taylor 414ce and some more traditional stuff like a Mexican Srat and Telecasters. I sold everything over 5 years ago when I moved to Japan figuring I'd just start a new collection. The guitars here are awesome, but just pretty expensive. There aren't many places to find great deals on second-hand gear since most people keep their gear in tip-top shape, and the "starter" guitars here would be considered mid-level in the States. I haven't bought anything (other than a silent guitar) because musical instruments are prohibited in my apartment. :(

    I'm hoping to get back into making music again at some point. I was big into MIDI back in the day and composing on the PC. I still occasionaly play around with Reaper and a MIDI keyboard and loops.
  • From Miranda to Fugueye on Saturday, September 12, 2020 20:32:43
    Re: Getting the band together
    By: Fugueye to Kurisu on Wed Sep 02 2020 05:41 am

    I'm hoping to get back into making music again at some point. I was big into MIDI back in the day and composing on the PC. I still occasionaly play around with Reaper and a MIDI keyboard and loops.

    Well if you can't make noise, playing electric with headphone amp or making music with software instruments on the computer is the way to go. Sadly, I've been distracted by work and other hobbies and my music playing time is suffering from neglect. Most of the time I was playing music at church and we've stopped having in person services since March. I'm planning to dust some stuff off and play more after my tax deadlines have past before the next ones come up!

    The good thing is that playing guitar will come back to us when we are ready to play except for the calluses on the fingertips. :)