• Fax quest

    From Kurisu to All on Monday, December 07, 2020 22:01:55
    So, I was tipped off to a used Fax / Answering Machine combo at a local thrift shop. I'll be checking it out tomorrow and, if it's still there and is in a reasonable shape, I'll be adding it to my absurd phone network.

    This is actually what my main switch box, the "Viking PDF-2" was made for - 2 phone extensions, a modem line, and a fax, with the fax being the default after so many rings on the phone extension.

    Long story short, route that in, connect the BBS modem to port 2 and bam - I'll have things a way I like em. That will be a Xadara article down the line, but I thought it'd be neat to post about that here since, you know, it's just that kind of nerdy. :D
    Kurisu Yamato
  • From Nkeck72@nkeck72@finalzone.ddns.net (nkeck72) to Kurisu on Wednesday, December 09, 2020 12:06:20
    That sounds exactly the kind of device I'd love to use - one which was
    relevant for about a year before becoming completely superfluous, lol.

    -nkeck72 (Mac Plus)