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[#] Sat Jun 22 2024 15:21:40 UTC from Kurisu

Subject: San Andreas Definitive Edition

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So, I'm working through SA Def edition on PC, and I'm in the late stages of the game -- namely, just finished the mission where you steal the jetpack.

Holy fuck that was absurd. I had a little bit of armor and health left at the last stage, where you fly out of the base, right? Well fuck me if the Jetpack isn't a piece of shit in DE. Flys like shit, aiming with the thing is shit, everything is shit.

So of course trying to get out of the thing I got shredded about a couple of dozen times before finally getting lucky and not getting killed mid-air. My entire tactic was to run up the stairs and kill the 3 guys inside the tunnel, THEN fly up out of there and hope I wouldn't get hit too badly -- it was about a half second I had of life left before game over... and after all those tries I finally got lucky and had success.

Never again. Holy shit, just never again with that garbage. Fuck, I know DE isn't going to be the best experience but the later you get in it the worse things become... Still, I'm invested this far, I'll be damned if I don't finish SA, then go back to GTA3 and VC, but fucking hell, this is a chore.

Still, oddly, I'm having fun.. it's just hyper frustrating moments like this that make me need to rant. I just don't recall this mission being that hard on PS2 back in the day. Hell, I really miss auto-targeting like the 3D era games had -- I was a master at using it, but on PC? At least in these versions? forget about it.

Also songs having been removed sucks, but that's something I can at least understand.. even if I don't like it. Licensing should be perpetual for the creative sub-work, but I digress.... this isn't the thread for that argument.