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[#] Wed Jun 26 2024 00:33:00 UTC from rss <>

Subject: This Video, I Feel, Perfectly Summarizes The Acolyte Drama.

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A 10 minute video perfectly captures what we all feel regarding this garbage show and even more garbage drama.


[#] Sun Jul 07 2024 23:54:45 UTC from rss <>

Subject: Status Update – 20240707

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Here we have a status update for July 7th, 2024. In this entry I talk about Guild Wars 2, I2P, Tor, and what I did (or didn't do) during most of a week off.


[#] Sat Jul 13 2024 23:43:58 UTC from rss <>

Subject: Always Some Kind Of Shit Going On

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A quick update following the rather shocking events of this afternoon.